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Date: From 6th to 9th October 2017, from Friday night to Monday morning. Workshops start 20:30 on Friday.

Place: A country house 50 km away from Madrid, Spain.
Av. del Generalisimo 6 – 28391 Valdelaguna,  Valdelaguna
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Pictures of the house:

Regular Price: 160€
Social Security and Staff Character Tickets: 110€

The social security customer characters and staff characters have beds that are extra or sofa beds, not as comfortable as the other beds.

Payment: You will get payment info after you have gotten a place in the game. You can either pay the complete fee or split it into two parts.
Complete payment: 110€ or 160€ by 5th February.
Split payment: 80€ by 5th February and 80€ by 5th March (30€ if Social Security or Staff ticket).

Cancellation policy: If a player cancels their inscription two months before the the game or earlier, we will only keep the reservation (50€). There will be no refunds after this date.

Total number of players: 21
Language:  English
Accommodation and food: The game is fully catered and has beds for every player.

IMPORTANT: Before you sign up for the event, please check the kind of experience we are offering.

Accessibility: The house has an area of more than 800 m2 in three floors. You need to use stairs to move around the site and access the necessities. There is no need to have a good athletic condition to play the larp. There is no need either to have good hearing or eyesight. If you have further questions on accessibility, or any special needs and still want to play the game, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

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