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Play to flow. This game is designed to offer you the chance to experience life as your character during a short period of time and in a controlled environment. It will be successful if you flow with your character. There are no objectives thus the aim is not to win or lose. The only thing we ask from you is to be in your character’s shoes, to connect with what it feels, to think the way it would think and behave in the way it would behave, allowing your character to take its own decisions. That’s what we call “flow” or “letting  go”.

You are your own game master. We trust our players to be involved in the whole process, from the character creation phase to the end of the event. That’s why you don’t need to ask us if you can do something or if your character would think or do something. You are your own game master.

Your character sheet is yours. Read it, study it, cry on it, transform it and play it. Do whatever you need as long as you respect the role playing challenge you agreed to play.

What you see is what you get  There are no magic ability cards that will save you this time. All you see is actually there and you will have to deal with the consequences. Respect other people’s experiences. Avoid any behaviour or attitude that can hurt the immersion or your playing partners’ experience.

There are secrets. Yes, there are plots that are to be discovered in game. So please be careful with the information you share with others. Any character could have different levels of information.

Verum. When we say this word we are letting you know that the next sentence is a real fact without any questioning. Only organisers can use it, although we will rarely do.

Safety words:

Green (or touching a shoulder). When someone uses this, it means the rest of the players can raise their game intensity.

Yellow (or touching the shoulder twice). When someone uses it, the other players have to lower their game intensity.

Red The scene stops.

The use of any kind of electronic devices (tablets, phones, computers, etc) is forbidden. Exceptions can be discussed with Organisation.

Safe Space. It’s an “out of game” space that works as a safety net for the players. If your interpretation is having a negative impact on you, you can come here and rest, talk or get a hug.

Are you ok?
Organisers or other players can ask if you are ok with this sign.

You can reply:
“Yes, I am ok”.


“No, I am not”.


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