The Experience

Written by NotOnlyLarp

Silver Lining is 360 larp aiming at strong immersion and a cathartic journey. We will sleep, eat and live in character for the weekend. You will experience a story of a new beginning, of second chances and redemption as an occupant of an elderly home. It’s a warm hearted drama.

There will be nothing supernatural nor a mystery investigation plot. This game tells a story of the world we live in. It is no less glorious than saving the world from evil, but it’s a more subtle, personal, inner story of victory.

Most of the characters will be elderly people, customers, but some players will play staff, nurses, therapists or paid companions. There will a make up artist on site to help you look elderly. You will sleep in shared rooms and beds that are divided by character. You will share a room with strangers. There will be safe space for having off game breaks or contacting game masters. Otherwise you will be in constantly in character.

We expect you to work on the character and relationships with us and with other players before the game. This will include online meetings with the game masters. It will take both time and effort. If you just want to come to the game and play and can’t use time before the game to build the game together with us, this game is not for you. If you don’t work with us, we cancel your attendance will find another player that will. The design needs this to work. We want to create this game with you. You are not just a player, you are a creator.

Please consider all of these before you sign up and ask any question you might have.

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