Written by NotOnlyLarp

Silver Lining is a warm hearted game about old age, illness and facing death. Silver Lining is about second chances, redemption and overcoming obstacles. It’s about finding joy and love through hardship. The mood of the game can be reached with movies like The Cocoon, Forrest Gump, The Golden Ladies or the Fisher King.

We created this game experience because all of us will face illness, old age and death and some of us will find chances for happiness despite the circumstances. For the players, we hope to create a safe, positive environment to explore these human experiences and emotions and learn from them. We hope for a cathartic journey from hardship to acceptance and love.

The game also has an underlying political agenda. Illness, old age and death are one of the strongest taboos in our culture. Old or sick people are invisible, forgotten, pushed aside. Our own fear of illness and death makes us avoid the people representing them or to be prejudiced towards them. We do not connect with the person, we only see the condition. This game will help us reach across the taboo and connect with them. Hopefully the experience will change our perceptions in real life too. The game will maybe prepare us for things in life we are not taught how to handle. We will get old. We will get sick. We will become the ones that are forgotten.

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